Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Scrapbooking Sales at Michaels and A.C. Moore

We are so excited, this week is starting off as a good week. Not only is it the first Summer holiday weekend, the sales at the local craft stores here are unbelieveable. If you are looking for the best sales or coupons for arts and crafts items, in this case scrapbooking items, always check the Sunday paper for deal from local crafts stores. This week Michaels and A.C. Moore have some great deals you won't want to pass up.

A.C. Moore Sales

  • Value Pack of Cardstock - 25 ct. and 50 ct. 5 for $10
  • Topload Scrapbook Album with 10 pages - 2 for $9
  • Open Stock Paper - Solid, printed and glittered cardstock - 40% OFF
  • Scrapbooks and Photo Albums - 12x12 and 8x8 - 30% OFF
  • Nicole Stickers - 4 for $3

Fantastic Savings

Papercrafting Clearance - red and yellow stickers - 90% OFF
Cricut Expression Bundle - Cutting mat, machine, sample kit, paper pups and storybook cartridges - $199.99
Cricut Cartridges - Select styles - $34.99
Cricut Cartridges - Select Styles including quarter note, elegant edges, every day pop-up cards and damask decor. Regular $49.99-$99.99 ON SALE FOR $44.99

Don't forget about the fabulous coupons you can find in the Sunday paper or on the A.C. Moore website. There are two coupons for this week: 50% OFF and 40% OFF, as well as another 50% OFF coupon to use next week June 5th through June 11th.

Michaels Sales

Bazzil 12x12 Open Stock Paper - 2 for $1
Value Pack Paper 81/2x11 - 4 for $10
Scrapbook Paper Pads Regular $19.99 - 40% OFF or $11.99
Cricut Cartridges - $39.99
Recollections Stickers and Embellishments - 40% OFF
Martha Stewart Craft Tools - 30% OFF

There are three coupons in the Sunday Michaels ad: 50% OFF one item, 40% OFF one item and 25% OFF entire purchase. Visit the Michaels website or blog to print coupons that you may have missed in the Sunday paper.

Hope everyone has a chance to catch these great sales this week and get to scrappin' those scrapbooks and keepsakes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scrapbook Challenge

Mom and I have decided to motivate ourselves to create more unique scrapbook pages and layouts. We haven't decided if we will do a scrapbooking challenge every week or every other week, but we are very motivated and excited to share with you what we will be working on. At the end of this article I will announce what are challenge will be for this week.

Mom and I were sitting around the table today at lunch and we were talking about ways to get us motivated to try new things. We were reading about some other challenges on blogs that we like to visit, such as the Just Rite blog that post new challenges every couple of weeks to get those brain juices flowing. That's when I came up with the bright idea to create our own challenge. Mom and I first made a list of 10 scrapbook page themes and a list of 10 different colors. We cut out each theme and color so it was on a strip of paper and folded each in half. We placed the themes in one bowl and the colors in the other.

Here is us drawing our pieces of paper from each bowl. We were to choose one strip of paper out of the theme bowl and two strips of paper from the color bowl.  After choosing the theme and colors I told mom that we needed to utilize some of the numerous tools and embellishments she had by different companies. So we created two more categories. One for tools and embellishments and the other for certain companies. After placing the strips of paper into a bowl we took one strip of paper from each bowl.

 100_0948 (300x228)

100_0949 (300x238)

Rules of the Challenge:

  1. Challenges must be complete by next Friday
  2. Scrapbook layouts may incorporate other embellishments, colors or tools but must be minimal. The bulk of the page should consist of the items or themes listed on the strips of paper drawn. 
  3. The theme of the page can not be changed ,however; three of the other four items on the strips of paper can be used. If a contestant (Mom and I) choose to use all five of the items listed on our strips of paper we only get brownie points. LOL!

Here is a picture of the first three strips of paper Mom and I choose. (No we didn't peak)

100_0950 (300x225)

100_0951 (300x225)

And here is what we have to do our challenge scrapbook page(s) on.....

MOM --------
Stampin' Up

ME -------
Grandkids or Kids
Martha Stewart
Sizzix Punch

Can't wait to show you guys what we come up with for next Friday. Feel free to try one of these lists for your own challenge and post a link to your challenge scrapbook page in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow us so you'll know when new posts are up to view.

Get to scrappin' those scrapbooks and keepsakes!

K and Company Wedding Scrapbook Page: Black and White

100_0924 (400x300)
Items Needed:

KandCompany Black & Ivory Designer 12-Inch by 12-Inch Paper Pad 
The Paper Company, P89000, Cardstock Starter Pack, 12 by 12 (50 Sheets) 
Fiskars 1298937797 Fiskars 12" Personal Paper Trimmer, 10-Sheet Capacity, 12" Cut Length 
Cuttlebug Machine V2 
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders, Love's in the Air Set, 6 Folders 
Provo Craft Cuttlebug Plus 5x7 Embossing Folders-Fanciful Labels
Anna Griffin rubber stamp
3-D dots by EK Success

Scrapbook Page Instructions:
This is one of my favorite scrapbook pages made by my mom, but the page also features products from my favorite scrapbook company, K & Company. As I said in a previous post my sister is getting married in July so we are creating a scrapbook to give to her as a wedding gift. Some of the scrapbook layouts we are creating will have pictures in them, but a few pages we are creating specifically for her wedding pictures, even though they haven’t been taken yet. This wedding scrapbook page has a black and white theme, but are not the colors chosen for the wedding party. We have also created a wedding scrapbook page dedicated to her wedding colors which are purple and a shade of olive green. That page will be posted later on this week, Mom and I aren’t completely satisfied with its (the new wedding page) appearance yet.

The left page background is a ivory and black specialty paper from K and Company. This paper is also featured as a small bordering piece on the right side of the opposite page. The heart shaped picture holders on the left page were made using a heart cuttlebug embossing and cutting folder and ivory white cardstock. The background behind the heart-shaped photograph holders uses black cardstock. In the bottom right corner of the left layout are two hearts. These hearts were hearts created using the same heart cuttlebug embossing and cutting folder. At the top right corner of this page is a small place to journal with a date or the name of the couple getting married, in this case my sister and her soon to be hubby.

The right page is a very simple page, but looks very elegant, perfect for a wedding scrapbook page. There isn’t a special technique, special tool or special product used on this page; just regular ivory and black cardstock, a silver quote brad and two pearl embellishments on each side of the silver brad quote.The stamped image on the side of this page is a Anna Griffin stamp that is absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sneak Peek: Martha Stewart Sunburst Scrapbook Punches. Not Available In Stores!

100_0938 (300x225)

Here are the new punches we got! These will not be released in stores until almost the end of this year. This is a new line of Martha Stewart punches. She still has three new set to release later next year, but we will have them before then. Keep an eye out for the other punches we will be using that Martha Stewart hasn't released in stores yet.

I haven't decided if these punches are to be used to create celestial looking pages with stars on them or are they actually really pointy flowers. I will probably use th punches for both. There is one large border punch, one small border punch, one corner punch and a medium size punch that can be used anywhere.

Scrapbook Page Using NEW Martha Stewart Punches

100_0937 (300x225)

This is a two page layout mom created, but I decided to only post one. ( I need a new camera.) This scrapbook page, made using K&Company scrapbook papers, can be used for pictures with a more outdoorsy feel or pictures that may not have a particular theme. The picture is of my sister, catching her first fish. It's a good memory, but a picture that may be hard to place or create a scrapbook page for. Look below for a list of items we used or are similar and how we created the layout. Oh, by the way, there is a sneak peek of a new Martha Stewart item used on this page that isn't available in stores yet!

Items Needed:

KandCompany Wild Saffron 12-Inch by 12-Inch Paper Pad

KandCompany Tim Coffey Cottage Garden Tag Pad, Journal

The punch used to create the floral design on the top of the page can't be purchased in stores yet because it is an exclusive Martha Stewart punch set. We will have three more unreleased Martha Stewart punch sets available in the next couple of months. These punches will be released between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

Cardstock - Butternut (or that's what Mom calls it) and Brown

Putting it Together:

Mom has been wanting to figure out a way to use this picture for awhile now and I think she made it look good. I can't tell if the K&Company paper has daisies or sunflowers on it, but the background is a deep red and the flowers are a beige color. She used the butternut colored cardstock to enhance and bring attention to the picture and not the background. There is also room left above the picture for journaling or dates. She placed the journaling tag, also K&Company, on the right side of the page to give a brief description of what was going on in the picture. The brown cardstock has a punched floral border around the top edge. The punch used hasn't been released in stores yet, but you can see a sneak peek of the new punch set in another post.

This page will be going into my sisters scrapbook as a gift to her for her wedding in July. Be on the look out for a few of her wedding scrapbook pages soon.

We will also be posting a few more spring and Easter layouts and later this week we will see a couple scrapbook pages that I created and spent less than a couple of dollars to make.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Use Coupons to Save on Scrapbook Items.

For the many that buy their Sunday paper every week don't forget to keep an eye out for coupons to your local craft stores. A.C. Moore and Michaels are the two craft stores in our area of Savannah Georgia and we use our coupons every week to buy scrapbooking supplies and items that we may not be able to afford otherwise without a coupon.

For the week of May 22nd to May 28th Michaels is having a coupon bonanza. There is a coupon for 40 % off one regular priced item at Michaels and there is a 25% off coupon valid toward the entire regular price scrapbooking purchase, as well as a 20% off coupon for the entire regular price purchase of Martha Stewart Crafts scrapbooking products.                              

Martha Stewart Crafts 12" x 12" Post Bound Scrapbooking Album   Martha Stewart 24-Vial Glitter Multi-Pack

Above are two of the products listed in the Michaels ad advertised as one of the Martha Stewart scrapbooking items.

Michaels is also offering the entire stock of New Styles scrapbooking storage products for 40% off. This includes plastic storage and photo boxes, but selections available vary by store. Photo and scrapbook albums are 25% off and Recollections tools and punches are 40% off. K&Company soft spoken stickers are 40% off as well.

Rolling Shoulder Tote New Vineyard Bubble Dots

 If you go to the Michaels website you can also sign up to receive special emails, sales and project ideas straight to your inbox. To be taken straight to your weekly add and coupon deals you can check your local Sunday paper or click here. This link will take you to the ad for Michaels in Savannah, you may want to enter your own zip code to see if there are other sales and special events happening near you. 

Now use those coupons and get to scrappin' those scrapbooks and keepsakes!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 Items You Need As a Beginning Scrapbooker.

So, since Momma has been creating paper crafts (cards, scrapbooks and altered items) longer than I have, I decided to ask her what she thought that every beginner should have as a scrapbooker to make a scrapbook page. She said her “tool” kit hasn’t really changed much over the years unless a new product came out that made a certain area of scrapbooking easier. It took her forever to think of a couple of things that she absolutely needed as she was thinking off the top of her head. To make it easier for her I just told her to pull out her “tool” kit and show me what she had to have when she was working on her pages.
100_0935 (300x225)
This is a picture of Mom’s little tool kit that she keeps all her important items in, minus one or two things that won’t fit inside.
My mom keeps these items in her box at her work desk so everything that she needs all the time is right there together, but she can also just grab the box and store it in a tote bag when she is meeting up with a few friends to make scrapbook pages together. This tool kit severs as an organizer for a work desk or on the go.
Items You Need:
GLUE DOTS REMOVABLEGlue Dots – Glue dots are a life saver for scrapbook pages. Not only can you put a page together more quickly using these, but these little glue dots also keep your pages from getting messy because you don’t have to wait for wet glue to dry. Craft glue dots come in two different ways: flat and dimensional. Flat glue dots work best on the back of pictures because they don’t make the picture sit off of the page, pictures can get damaged that way. Dimensional glue dots create a raised effect and work great for raising flat embellishments, such as journaling tags, ribbon, beads and flat stickers.

Tombow Mono Adhesive Dispenser Permanent, 1/3-Inch by 472-InchMono Adhesive – Mono adhesive is just a fancy name for a handheld, rolling double-stick tape dispenser. These little gadgets are great for sticking things to scrapbook pages as well. All you do is press the tip of the dispenser onto an area you need tape on and drag it across the page. These work well for gluing pictures quickly or for embellishments, such as ribbon because you can drag the dispenser as long as the ribbon is on the page.

Fiskars 1298937797 Fiskars 12" Personal Paper Trimmer, 10-Sheet Capacity, 12" Cut LengthFiskars Paper Cutter – Mom swears by Fiskars. Fiskars has a paper cutting line dedicated to making things smaller for on the go, but still fully efficient. Mom takes her fold-up 12 inch paper cutter by Fiskars to any scrapbooking or card making event. It isn’t small enough to put in her tool box, but it is always right next to it on her desk and in her scrapbooking tote.

Fiskars Classic 8" ScissorScissors – You always need a good pair of scissors. In Mom’s eyes you always need two good pairs of scissors; a small pair for images that may require detailed cutting and a large pair for cutting larger pieces of cardstock or less detailed images. Oh, and of course the scissors Mom uses for her scrapbook page layouts are by Fiskars as well.

Tsukineko Brilliance Full-Size Pad, Starlite BlackBlack Ink Pad – Mom always keeps a black Brilliance ink pad by her side at cropping events and at her desk. The black stamp pad is probably one of the most important things to keep with you when you do go to a scrapbook event with friends and here’s why. When you go to a scrapbooking event or crop, there are going to many times when a friend or fellow scrapbooker may have a stamp that you don’t have, but may need for a future layout. That’s when you get out your black stamp pad and a sheet or two of white cardstock and stamp that image several times. Now, not only do you have that image stamped and ready to go, but you also have enough stamped that you can create several scrapbook page layouts or other projects because you have several prints of that image, so you no longer need to buy that stamp, unless it’s one that you will use all the time, of course!

Beadalon Tweezers, CurvedTweezers – No! These aren’t for making sure your brows are perfect when you are scrapbooking, this is far more useful in the craft room. Tweezers work best for picking up small embellishments, such as rhinestones, beads or small pieces of paper and placing it properly on a scrapbook page. I have really big thumbs so I also, always have a pair of these at my desk or I get frustrated when an embellishment doesn’t go on the page where I need it.

Pink Bone FolderBone Folder – This is a tool that I wasn’t very familiar with, but knew exactly what is was used for once I saw it. It is what it says it is, a bone (because it’s made from bone) folder (because that’s what it helps do). A bone folder allows you to fold and crease paper perfectly. These folders come in handy for scrapbooking when you are making pockets or envelopes on your scrapbook page layouts.

COPIC Set of 12 Sketch MarkersMarkers – Markers are great for journaling or lettering on your scrapbook page. You can also use markers to shade in images you have placed on your page or have on cardstock pre-stamped from a friend. Mom uses Copic markers, they’re a little on the expensive side, but the neat thing about these markers is that they can be refilled with tubes of ink. It only takes a few drops of ink to fill the copic marker, so you can one tube of extra ink will refill the marker several times. A lot of other scrapbook markers are expensive, but don’t allow refills, so once they dry out you have to buy a brand new set. Copic markers take that headache away. When the ink is gone and a marker is dried out, you no longer have to throw expensive markers away simply refill them with a little more ink and keep doing what you were doing.
Trend Lab Storage Caddy, Cat In The Hat BlackScrapbook Caddy – This is how you keep your items organized on the go. I keep all the scrapbook stuff I need inside of it, so when I’m ready to go scrapbooking somewhere else, I don’t have to look around and find my tools and something to carry it in. Scrapbook caddy’s can be bought at any arts and crafts stores, such as Michaels and A.C. Moore. Some scrapbook caddy’s are a little on the pricey side, but look for coupons in your local Sunday paper for savings. There are always 40 and 50 percent off coupons, making you feel less guilty for spending that much money on a scrapbook caddy.

Alright Now,
Get to Scraping!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scrapbook How To: Antique Victorian Scrapbook Page

100_0927 (400x300)
Items Needed:

  1. Floral Scrapbook Paper 
  2. Cardstock - Light Blue, Mauve, Gray and Purple
  3. Blumenthal Lansing Favorite Findings Basic Buttons Assorted Sizes, 130/Pkg, Blue
  4. Martha Stewart Stickers 3D White Pearls 
  5. Epoxy Sticker Quotes by Cloud 9 Design (Joyful Laughter/Simple Thoughts)
  6. Flower Sticker Embellishments by Sandylion (Flower Power)
  7. Martha Stewart Pansy Edge Punch Around the Page 
  8. Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Large Punch, Embossed Pop, Up Flower

Thoughts on the layout:
This is a one-page scrapbook layout with a lot of different options, and of course made by me (Jessica) because I don’t like to do two-page layouts. The type of photos that would look best on this scrapbook background are black and white, antique, outdoor pictures or for dress-up and tea party pictures. This scrapbook page is recommended for intermediate and advanced scrapbookers because of the time it takes to complete, the amount of products used and the cost involved with acquiring the products used because buying them all at one time can be EXPENSIVE!
P.S. Overlook the missing button in the top left corner on my scrapbook page. I didn’t realize it was missing until after this post was uploaded. Ooops.

What I Used and How I Used It:
The main background of this Victorian-styled scrapbook page is a 12x12 of light blue cardstock. Now, we will start from the left side of the layout. The floral paper on the left side is a strip of scrapbook background paper made by Chatter Box Inc. It’s hard to see on the picture, but three punched and embossed flowers are pressed into the floral paper. This is a flower punch from one of Martha Stewart’s punch collections. The flower looks like it is casting a shadow because the main background paper peaks out underneath. In the center of the flowers are small blue buttons. The Chatter Box paper is nice, but there is a set with multiple floral papers that are very nice as well called Plaid Paper Journey's "American Florals" Paper Collection Scrapbook Paper

The mauve strip next to floral design has a lot of different, but useful options for this page. I always leave room for options on my scrapbook pages just in case I change my mind about what I would like to put their later. The strip can be used to attach mementos from the event, journaling entries or you can add more embellishments. This mauve strip was cut from cardstock about 2 inches in width. The pearl embellishments are Brown Faux Pearls made by Color Stories.
The gray squares are cut to hold your pictures. These were pre-cut 4x6 inch pieces of cardstock, but I re-cut them to 4x4 (totally my choice, you could make them bigger or smaller).
The purple background is a piece of 12x12 cardstock I cut to fit just a little inside the main light blue background, but I can’t remember the exact size, it took several tries. (Next time I'll try to remember those measurements.) The floral border design around the edges is also a Martha Stewart punch, specifically made for creating boarders.
The quotes on my page are very meaningful. Since you can’t see them in the picture here’s what they say….
“Laughter is a gift everyone should open.”
“Life is better when it’s fun.”
“Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside.”
The quotes on my page are written in a very beautiful font on a clear, bubble-like sticker made by Cloud 9 Design. The stickers were then placed on small pieces of mauve cardstock cut slightly bigger than the stickers themselves.
The floral embellishment stickers in the two corners on the right side of the scrapbook layout really make this page POP! You could easily created your own personalized die-cut stickers, but if you don’t have the tools to do it with these are much easier. The floral embellishments are made Sandylion Essentials and are cute enough to use on all kinds of scrapbook pages you create. Sandylion also creates another set of stickers that would look good as well called Sandylion Dimensional Stickers - Sunburst Flowers
Hope you enjoyed this layout as well and get to scrapping.
Jessica and Brenda (Mom)

Scrapbook How To: Beginner Scrapbook Page

Resized Image
Items Needed:
  1. (2) 12x12 Polka Dot Scrapbook Page (Yellow and Pink)
  2. Cardstock – Pink, White and Yellow
  3. Pink Adhesive Buttons (We use Button Studio Adhesive Buttons: Round 20 in pink.)
  4. Paper Cutter (We use Fiskars 9698 Euro 12-Inch Portable Paper Trimmer .)
  5. Journaling Tag
  6. Adhesive (We use Pritt Double-Stick Adhesive Roller Dispenser, 0.33-Inch by 551-Inch Permanent.)
This is a scrapbook page put together by my mom. She love creating two-page layout to incorporate more pictures. Personally two-page layouts aren’t my “style” I’d rather make one page layouts; I like to focus my energy on one thing at a time. Never the less, this is an extremely cute scrapbook page layout for beginners, but doesn’t look like a beginner made it. Another great thing about this layout is that there are so many different pictures you can place on this page: girl baby showers, baby girl, sleepover, fun night with the girls ….. I think you get the picture, pretty much ANYTHING girly. At the top of the two-page layout is a title boarder that looks as if it is stretched across both pages continuously. This allows you to place one title across both pages or have separate titles. You can also title one page and add a journal entry in the opposite border, mementos from the event or cute stamped images.
I’m not sure who the background is by, but polka dots are popular and found in many different colors giving you more options.  The cardstock used is regular cardstock and can be purchased in Wausau Creative Collection Classics Specialty Cardstock Starter Kit, 12 X 12 Inches, 72 Count (46408). For scrapbooking enthusiasts who can’t buy in bulk, most craft stores sell cardstock sheets individually, but it’s worth the upfront cost to buy in bulk in a package that has multiple colors that will be used in the long run.
The embellishments are pink adhesive buttons made by Button Ups and the tag is a journaling tag made by Paper Bliss. Hope you enjoyed reading about this layout as much as mom did creating it …. or hopefully, at the least, gave you an idea for your own scrapbook layout. Now get organized and start scrapping those memories. Jessica and Brenda (A.K.A “Mom”)

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