Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas Scrapbook: Christmas Cookie Recipe

Oh, this making this Christmas scrapbook was extremely fun. It didn’t take long because you try to get as many people involved as you can. This works best if you happen to be involved in a scrapbook or rubber stamping group, which Mom is. Mom is a member of an online group for paper crafting called Perfect friends. The members of that group decided to participate in a cookie swap, but instead of sharing actual home baked cookies, we made a scrapbook page with the main journaling on the page being the recipe of our favorite cookies.

The scrapbook pages are 6X6” pages, making it a small enough book so that you can place it on a shelf in your kitchen, but large enough that you can still see the recipe on the page. There were 16 women that participated in the swap and each created 16 of the same scrapbook page layouts for their cookie recipe. Most women stayed with a Christmas theme or followed a theme pertaining to their cookie. For example, the third picture is a scrapbook page created by one of the ladies in my group (Barbara Foster) and the page featured a recipe for Royal Coconut Cookies. Her page featured a hula dancer and coconut palm trees because of her cookies featuring coconuts.

The first picture is a view of the front of the recipe book, and each one was decorated based on the owner of the book. This is the front cover of mom’s which features elements needed in cooking and a touch of Christmas with the gingerbread man and holly berries.

There are so many paper and embellishment choices you can use to decorate this recipe scrapbook, so the possibilities to what you could create are almost limitless.

We used a book binding tool to bind the pages together and hold the album’s recipe together, making it even more useful in a kitchen. The only thing this recipe book needs, and I wish I would have thought about it before it was put together, was a table of contents page. A table of contents page would be great for locating a recipe quickly without having to thumb through all of the pages, but we will save that for next time.

Now get to scrappin’ those scrapbooks and keepsakes!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Card Making: Let It Snow Christmas Card

Mom and I figured since the website was called scrapbooks and keepsakes, that we should showcase other items on our blog besides just scrapbook pages, which can get boring since we tend to work on various paper crafts from time to time. This card is the first homemade greeting card I’ve ever made and I am so proud of it. I love snowflakes, they are so beautiful and that is where I got my inspiration for this card.

100_1047 (225x300)



Do the color schemes of these relaxing blues make you think of curling up by the fire with a blanket and a warm cup of cocoa on a snowy day in December? I didn’t struggle with this homemade card like I thought I would, even though it was my first attempt. The only thing that reminded me of the Christmas holidays were the rubber stamps I selected from our Christmas/Winter selection. The rubber stamps actually came from a dollar store called the Mighty Dollar in the North Carolina area and the scrapbook selection in this store is out of this world. The Mighty Dollar features tons of products from K&Company as well as Making Memories, which is who created these stamps. To read about what else you can purchase from dollar stores to use on your scrapbook pages read the article Scrapbooking On A Budget.

The small snowflake stamps dipped in the darker ink were clear-acrylic un-mounted stamps that I randomly placed on a medium sized block, to create a one of a kind image using several stamps from different making memories Christmas and winter stamp collections. The larger snowflake in the center was stamped in embossing adhesive with a light blue embossing powder added to the adhesive. Some of the snowflakes have some glitter glue to add a little more on the card. The let it snow at the bottom of the page is stamped in the same color blue as the snowflakes and is also a stamp I found in one of the Making Memory stamp collections I found at the dollar store Mighty Dollar.

The inside of my card features a blue stamped image that says “Merry Christmas” in cursive on white cardstock and features the same blue polka dot scrapbook paper behind it as the front of my homemade card.

This card is a great choice for beginners that have embossing tools; however, someone that wishes to focus on card making, but doesn’t have the embossing tools can simply stamp the center snowflake in a light blue ink.

I know a lot of paper craft creators are starting to focus on digital scrapbooking and digital paper crafts, but it’s still not the same as creating the gift completely with your hands and makes it more personal.

So go ahead and get a jump start on your Christmas card mailing list and start making those homemade greeting cards now. This card can be done in a matter of a few minutes, making it a perfect homemade card choice for those with a long mailing list for the holidays. Friends and family will be calling you all holiday season, thanking you for this beautiful holiday card that they receive in the mail.

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Scrapbook Ideas: 20 Scrapbooking Blogs to Read

 Here are 20 good scrapbook websites and blogs some of you may be interested in for different paper craft purposes. There are a few websites on here that are specifically dedicated to digital scrapbooking, which I haven't decided to dive into yet. Check out a few of these sites and follow them if you like.

Now get to reading and scrappin' those scrapbooks and keepsakes. Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Altered Christmas Scrapbook: The 12 Days of Christmas

The year my son was born, the family decided to start a new tradition, on the twelve days before Christmas we were going to do one new thing everyday before Christmas; thus leading to the 12 days of Christmas scrapbook theme. This altered holiday scrapbook is made of mini scrapbook pages on 5X7” sheets of cardstock. Each page features pictures over the course of the twelve days and different Christmas activities we did.
You don’t have to use this theme in particular, but it’s a great way to showcase your photos from a particular time in the year. There are so many family activities we participate in as a family year around the holidays that a nice sized altered book was created from our photos.
If you choose do an altered scrapbook for Christmas choose pictures like:
  • Family Traditions
  • Holiday Baking
  • Gift Giving
  • Shopping
  • Christmas Lights
  • Choosing A Tree
  • Santa
Use smaller embellishments to decorate the inside of this scrapbook that will not take away from the pictures you will display. You can print your photos from a home computer program. The computer program I have offers to print your pictures in a fingerprint size or wallet sized, perfect for an altered book this size. A wide variety of Christmas papers, from several different companies were used. If it was a Christmas embellishment we liked it was used somewhere in this book

Just about any theme you can think of for Christmas is covered in this book. We have pages with gingerbread men, Santa Clause, Christmas Trees, Snow Men, Stockings and much much more. With all the Christmas scrapbooking items available the possibilities for a Christmas scrapbook like this are endless.

Mom and I didn't get to play around with the cricut cutter and the Christmas cartridges, but the next one I create is going to feature many embellishments using the cricut cartridge, so stay tuned. 

I love the fact that this book is small enough to do quickly so you don’t get bored, but big enough to display lots of photographs inside. So get to scrappin’ those scrapbooks and keepsakes and we’ll talk to you soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Scrapbook Ideas: Scrapbooking on a Budget

Hey Y’all,

When I had my children, I was a mother two toddlers, going to school and I didn’t have much money to go out and have fun with. I was shopping in the dollar store one day when I saw that they had started to sell scrapbook supplies for only $1.00. While many of the supplies used in scrapbooking are specialty tools used for specific scrapbooking  effects and are rather expensive, but there many different items available at the Dollar Tree that you can use to create multiple, beautiful scrapbook pages saving you a lot of money if you’re just starting out. Here are a couple items I have found and picked up at my local dollar tree that are too cute to pass up and will save you a bunch of money.

I have created many beautiful, yet simple scrapbook pages using items I bought from the Dollar Tree, but look professional and definitely more expensive. Over the next couple of weeks I will be showcasing some of the scrapbook pages I created using several of these products. So keep an eye out for those.

100_1035 (300x225)

10 Items I Have Found At The Dollar Tree

  • Page Protectors
  • Stickers (Different Themes Available In Different Stores)
  • Scrapbook Paper (Different Themes Available In Different Stores)
  • Glue Dots (Squared and Circular)
  • Paper Trimmer ( Usually No Bigger Than An 8” )
  • Journaling Tags ( Different Themes Available In Different Stores)
  • Chipboard Embellishments (Plain and Patterned Available)
  • Stamps (Vary By Location)
  • Ink Pads ( Different Colors Available)
  • Die-Cuts (Vary By Location)
  • Albums

There are all sorts of little items that are needed by a person just beginning to scrapbook without investing a lot of money up front. I’ve embellishments that include scrapbook stickers related to little boys, playtime, baby boy and baby girl shower and birth stickers, alphabet stickers and beach themed stickers. I have also purchase decorative tags and chipboard lettering pieces. There are also co-ordinating scrapbook papers that go along with the embellishments sold on the shelves of the dollar tree. My favorite item found at the dollar tree, which sell out really quickly, are the scrapbook album page protectors. Other crafts store try to sell you 10 scrapbook album page protectors for anywhere from 4 to 10 dollars for a 10 pack, but Dollar Tree sells a 10 pack of page protectors for only a DOLLAR!

Other items that are useful when scrapbooking, but sell out very quickly are the adhesive glue dots, mono adhesive tape dispensers for pictures and a paper trimmer. The paper trimmer isn’t a 12 inch paper cutter, but will work for someone just starting out. Their paper cutter also features a decently sharp blade, so it is useful for cutting any scrapbook paper, but the downside is that it dulls rather quickly.

Most of these products available are by a company called Miss Elizabeth’s and the company makes the most adorable scrapbooking items, so cute that even scrapbookers with no limit to how much money they spend will want to purchase these items because they are such a great deal. For those of you trying to keep your hubby happy by not spending too much money and staying in budget with your hobby, you will have him pleased with the beautiful photographic keepsakes you will create without breaking his wallet.

Now go visit your local dollar store and start scrappin’ those scrapbooks and keepsakes on a budget everyone will be happy with.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Altered Scrapbook Using K and Company Scrapbook Paper

This is what Mom and I have been working on for the past week or actually couple of days. This is a chipboard book made by Bo Bunny that we turned into an altered scrapbook using K and Company Berry Sweet papers. It turned out so good I can’t wait to apply some of these little things to the SMASH Book I’m making.
100_1022 (300x225)
There are six individual pages in this “Family” book to showcase your favorite memories. When mom and I take pictures now we try to think ahead of using them on certain scrapbook layouts. The pictures showcased in this family book are pictures that were miscellaneous and didn’t particularly apply to any certain layout or scrapbook page theme. Mom used any family pictures she could find: grandparents, cousins and just pictures of the family lounging about. Below is a peek inside of what the rest of Mom’s family book looks like.
So, what do you guys think about this altered scrapbook? I think it turned out great. Be on the lookout for another altered book that features the birth of my son. This altered book features everything from the baby shower to the birth and also showcases ultrasound pictures. This book is too cute and definately something you will want to make for a close friend or loved family member when another precious bundle of joy arrives.
Now get to scrappin’ those scrapbooks and keepsakes. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Altered Scrapbook Ideas: Baby Book

This is an altered scrapbook that Mom and I made to celebrate the birth of my son Riley. Anything that led up to the moment of that precious baby being born is what we included in the scrapbook, and considering this is the first altered book we had created to actually serve a purpose it turned out great.

100_1029 (225x300)

The baby image on the front of this altered book is from a clip art program from a friends computer. Several images were printed of the baby, then they were cut out and glued on top of each other for a 3-D effect. The clouds are made from foam and chalks were used to add some color and definition. Below are some more pictures of the inside of the altered baby book.

The inside pages, or scrapbook layouts, were created using mainly stickers to hold the pictures in place and a little pop of color underneath each photo using a little bit of colored card-stock to make each photograph pop out. On other pages featured in this album there are page clips and pocket folders for keeping baby announcements or ultrasound pictures in the album and not falling out.

Mom also created another altered book this week using a Bo Bunny chipboard book that spells “Family” and the “Berry Sweet” collection of paper from K and Company.

Now get to scrappin’ those scrapbooks and keepsakes and we will talk to y’all later.

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